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Pu La Transformational Stories, Peston Kaka reposted blog to further refer to Siddharud Swamy referred by Peston Kaka .. Ashok Ranade interview of Pt Mansur .. 12 minutes play and you hear about the Swamy …
Pu La ’s transformational stories: Cultural Symbiosis in his story Pestonji or Peston Kaka:
When I shared my earlier blog on Pu La (Acharya P K Atre’s article on him in Maratha 1965) with one of my creative writer Marathi Playwright friend he didn’t seem to be pleased on my choice of writers : Prahlad Keshav Atre and Purushottam Lakshman Deshpande. <br>

The possible reason could be that these writers being pro establishment or that they were not vociferously supporting the class and caste annihilation through their writing. Their sensibilities were probably close to the middle class.
My friend and host of others are surely still under the spell of Marx and his ideas of social transformation. Therefore, I have deliberately given the title to this blog as ‘Transformational Stories of Pu La’
However, in today’s post modern world in which we believe that technology is a great leveller it will be wrong to straight jacket writers in certain categories or classify them among the various sections in the society.
Atre was the first playwright after Deval’s Sharada and Gadkari’s Sindhu who made the woman to leave the family in his play Gharabaher (घराबाहेर)

Later M G Rangnekar adapted Ibsen’s Doll’s House in his Kulvadhu (कुलवधू)

In our blindly following western critics and their theories we throw all old writers in the category of pro-establishment writers. This has two serious bad effects. The literature in which today’s young generation might take keen interest .. we are deliberately drawing them away from those classics. In our attempt to force them to toe our intellectual line we give them exposure only to so called anti establishment literature which is not read out of literature classes in which there is a miniscule minority of young reading public and they too read it for the sake of examinations.
My friend’s anger on Pu La seems to be in this line. However, how can we forget his Phulrani? (ती फुलराणी) , the beautiful adaptation of My Fair Lady, which was an adaptation of Shaw’s Pygmalion.

In the original play Shaw has shown the transformation of a slum girl who sells flowers into a princess by the means of her refined language and polished manners which she displays in a public gathering.
Mastery on language transforms our personality. Our status in society changes irrespective of our family background. I as a student and teacher of English have experienced this in my career of 33 years. Students who took hard efforts at their B A English in a college in whatever small village in India in last few decades have been extremely successful in their career in big metros as teachers of English, advocates , corporate persons , bank officers etc.
Now, when I see actual message of Shaw’s play transformed in reality like this how can I term him as old fashioned pro establishment writer, pro empire writer and how can I force my students to uphold only modern playwrights because we have given them the label of

anti-establishment? Does the so called modern sensibility mean that we should throw all that’s old into a dustbin?
There is indeed a sound alternative to that. We must Re introduce our students and reading public to old classics but in a different transformational perspective. Well , the whole discussion is diverted to the importance of these old writers and searching a new insight in their works.
The work under discussion here is a story by Pu La called Peston Kaka ( the English version would be Pestonji ) in which an Asst Foreman, who worked earlier under the British officers , is now retired from Railway and he is shown as having extremely high knowledge and taste in classical music (Abdul Karim Khan), religious compositions (Gopala karuna kyon nahi ave of Khansaheb , Tukaram’s abhangas of Vishnupant Pagnis) , Hindu spirituality (Vivekananda, Siddharur Swami in Hubli … ……..


by the way this Siddharur Swami is referred by Ashok Ranade in his interview of Pt Mallikarjun Mansur… taken in 1960-70s for Doordarshan but available on You Tube …I don’t know how the name is spelt or pronounced .. Siddharur or Siddharood, another point I want to make here is that Pt Mansur ran away from home two times and his father anxiously brought him to this Swamy .. obviously a Lingayat Mathpati Swamy .. and Ranade tells us that this Swamy was a great supporter of music. He had blessed Pt Keshavrao Bhosale who is considered as a better natyageet exponent than Balgandharva or Master Dinanath Mangeshkar .. reference Vidyadhar Gokhale .. well my point is that can someone give me one name and of a Hindu Swami or a spiritual leader who blessed art and music and gave to the listening public such diamonds like Keshavrao and Mansur ? Now , the Karveer Peeth Shankaracharya Vidyanand Bharati was a Keertankar and is the son of a great Gwalior Gharana singer Keertankar Karhadkar Buva but his gayaki is lost in the heavily ritualistic nature of Hindu religion .. I’m sorry to say this but it’s a fact. I have heard this Karveer Shankaracharya ’s Keertan in my childhood and have been fortunate to chew the first ever areca nut .. or arica nut .. सुपारी to put it in simple terms from his nut cracker अडकित्ता sitting on his laps, so my observation is based on my own experience) , …
Well, coming back to Peston Kaka .. He displays this knowledge in informal talk to the writer in a train journey. He is such a romantic and loving husband that he is still sensually tickled at the age of 78 when his wife pinches him. I think Pu La attacks the very pro-establishment middle class sensibility by portraying this character. Music, Literature , Spirituality is not the ‘jagir’ or monopoly of a certain caste or class. Whoever is exposed to good music, effective communication skills at an early age can easily share the elitist sensibility or can move with confidence among intellectuals, corporate persons and scholars.
Pu La gets down at the next station and he shows the stark contrast between his own seemingly hypocrite ideas of being famous, having high taste and a scholar and Peston Kaka (actually under You Tube the pronunciation is written in Marathi as पेस्तन काका so I spelled it as Pestan earlier but my Parsee friend corrected it as Peston and I wrote this blog with corrections and additions) who has entered into the core of music and literature.
The thing to be noted is that he is not a teacher , artiste or a professional… these type of middle class persons are popularly portrayed by writers or are popularly considered by general public as the owners of good taste in music , stage and literature. (Read this as : Marathi middle class , Puneites , Mumbaikars or all such people living in other towns but who take pride in displaying a lineage to these towns) …
Peston Kaka was born in Mumbai but he has settled in Hubli (actually Hubli , Dharwad are the towns which are again described by Punekars as small Punes but these towns gave great artistes like Pt Bhimsen Joshi , Vidushi Gangubai Hangal to Hindustani Classical Music and since Bhimsen chose Pune for certain autobiographical concerns in his life Punekars got the advantage to associate them to great Marathi middle class taste. Pt Kumar Gandharva from Athni and Pt Mallikarjun Mansur from the village with his surname .. these artistes hail from Karnataka)
Peston Kaka is from Mumbai and is settled in Hubli .. he refers to Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Saheb singing his famous bhajan in Bhairavi “ Gopala karuna kyon nahi aave .. गोपाला करूणा कयों नही आवे। .. in a concert in Hubli. Karim Khan Saheb lived in Miraj. He founded the Kirana Gharana. His disciple Rambhau Kundgolkar alias Pt Sawai Gandharva lived in Kundgol near Jamkhindi . Bhimsen , Firoze Dastur lived at Kundgol and learnt music from him. Gangubai used to travel from Dharvad to Kundgol and learnt from him. Though Bhimsen earned great status to Kirana Gharana by his extremely hard efforts , strong voice and terrific strength of his lungs (he was a wrestler earlier in his childhood) other two artistes were also of immense capacities.
The referred composition गोपाला was sustained in the memory of the listening public primarily by another Parsee (like Peston Kaka , the topic of this blog) Pt Firoze Dastur. I will share another video of Pt Dastur on You Tube .. a DD Bangla program .. where he is seen presenting गोपाला and you can see Bhimsen and Pt Kanan on the first row among the audience. The point was that Pu La has deliberately portrayed this character of Peston Kaka who is beyond all popular criteria of music and culture loving middle class in Maharashtra. He is a Parser, a foreman, eats mutton openly , says ‘sala, sala ’ which is otherwise an abusive term but talks about Vivekanand , Siddharur Swamy, Shivanand as great divine souls. He considers Vishnupant Pagnis as the very Tukaram who lived among us. He insists Pu La to sing ‘Aadhi beej ekale , beej ankurale roap wadhle आधी बीज एकले , बीज अंकूरले , रोप वाढले .. the seed comes first , then the sapling grows from it .. the Abhang of Tukaram made famous by Vishnupant in the movie. Peston Kaka becomes the very Tukaram in that railway compartment itself imagining Vishnupant who has entered in his mind and body at that moment. Such oneness with the divine through art and music is more valuable according to Pu La than all middle class hypocrite babble of how they love music and literature. This also applies to the whole class of people who talk of Pu La as their favourite writer. They have indeed not still understood the real message in Pu La ’s writings and his personality. Pu La’s great admiration for Peston Kaka is the indication of his strong belief in equality in society through art , music and literature. Therefore , I’m surprised by my friend Marathi playwright’s sarcastic question to me about the significance of Pu La as the choice of the writer in my blog. What happens after these Abhangas rendered by Pu La exclusively for Peston Kaka in that train journey is also important. Pu La tells us that organisers of his speech , people who have come to greet him on the station greet him with ‘crest fallen stale flowered bouquet … what Pu La actually indicates here is the deep down hypocrisy and double standards of the middle class. They do everything just for its display value. Peston Kaka , however, openly orders non veg food in the compartment while Pu La eats home made tiffin …. there is fantastic ability of self ridicule in this writer.
(I had stopped this discussion at 5.46 pm on 14-5-2017 and completed it in this Re-blog at 1.14 am 15-5-2017, posted edited blog under Pt Firoz Dastur Gopala, reposted now for reference to Siddharud Swamy blessing Keshavrao Bhosale and Pt Mallikarjun Mansur at 2.38 pm 15-5-2017 and edited this post earlier here on FB and this is the final version)

Yamini Nair, salute to you

कमला दास या माझ्या अत्यंत आवडत्या लेखिकेचा माझा स्हेह 1982 BA पासून अलीकडे एका Ph D Thesis पूर्ण होण्यात मदत करेपर्यंत ( दास च्या प्रेमासाठी सर्व झीज सोसून) निरंतर, निकटचा आहे, 1982 पासून थेट 2022 मधे एका brilliant columnist पर्यंत. यामिनी नायर च्या जीवनात अनन्य साधारण महत्व गाजवणाऱ्या या लेखिकेचे मोठेपण, किमान स्त्री वाचकांच्या ध्यानात लगेच येईल असा हा वाचनीय लेख. 🙏

Watch “Barbra Streisand – One Voice Concert ’86” on YouTube

Life’s greatest pleasure to be alive to watch her live whose cassettes I had in 1984, 5, 6 but it took 35 to 40 years,  for internet, You Tube, mobile to come in world, OTTs to come, Hello, Dolly to watch 2 days ago on Disney Hotstar and making me mad once again for this celestial voice…million thanks to You Tube for giving to this ….

God’s grace she is still with us ( I suppose ) ..in this concert she has sung a song on devastation of Chernobyl in 1980’s …so well resonating now while Ukrane Russia war not ending…

( copy pasting this YT link and this comment under this video on FB & in a separate blog on WordPress ) :

R Y Shinde, 3.12.22

Shahir Sable in ‘Chhappad Phad Ke’ on Disney Hotstar

Adv Mrunmayi , ही पोस्ट अश्विनी Mahangade म्हणजे ताई ला, न चुकता दाखव, शेअर कर

कलेच्या क्षेत्रात उत्तुंग उंची गाठणारा प्रदेश म्हणजे वाई. माझे भाग्य की मला त्या प्रदेशात राहता आले,  मुलांना शिकवता आले.

Vaishali Agarkar Madhura Tapre Agarkar ,
Tejpal Wagh Ashwini Mahangade ( आई कुठे काय करते मधील अनघा ) यांना स्टेज वर पहिल्यांदा बघण्याचे, त्यांना घडविण्याचे सुवर्ण क्षण जपून ठेवले आहेत. Amita Bhagwat  सारख्या हुशार विद्यार्थ्यांना इंग्रजी शिकवण्याचे श्रेय प्राप्त करता आले.

एवढा छोटासा भाग,  वाई पण तर्कतीर्थ लक्ष्मणशास्त्री, मे. पुं. रेगे यांच्यासारखे प्रचंड विद्वान व्यक्तिमत्वांचे जवळचे सानिध्य मला मिळाले तसेच किसन वीर यांच्यासारख्या महान क्रांतिकारकाने स्थापन केलेल्या कॉलेज मुळे तिथे नोकरी निमित्त राहता आले, कला गुण संपन्न भागात, तो वारसा घेऊन जन्माला आलेल्या विद्यार्थ्यांना फुलत,  विकसित होताना त्या प्रक्रियेत काही अध्यापन समिधा अर्पण करता आल्या.

वाई च्या निसर्ग सौंदर्यामुळे, धार्मिक महत्वामुळे अनिरुद्ध कुलकर्णी, अरुणा ढेरे यांच्यासारख्या साहित्यिक मंडळींना हे गाव आवडण्यात फारसे आश्चर्य नाही. कुलकर्णी यांनी तर थेट वर्डस्वर्थ च्या वेस्टमिन्स्टर ॲबे बरोबर या परिसराची तुलना केली आहे.

Shrimadhusudan Nene यांच्यासारखे सांप्रदायिक व्यक्तिमत्त्व फेसबुक वरून त्या गावाशी मला नेहमी जोडून ठेवते,  त्याच प्रमाणे Padmanabh Abhyankar  यांच्यासारखे स्नेही देखील.

मला खास आवडणारे गाव म्हणजे पसरणी. शाहीर साबळे यांच्यासारखा स्पष्टवक्तेपणा मी इतर कुठल्याच कलाकारांमधे पाहिला नाही ( माझ्या परिचयातील). ब्रेख्त सारख्या,  चे गवेरा यांच्यासारख्या बाहेरील खूप कलाकारांशी तुलना करावी असे शाहीर साबळे.  त्यांचा सत्कार झाला तेव्हा सगळा मंडप फाडून पाऊस धो धो कोसळत असताना विद्यार्थी, आम्ही सर्व जण चिंब भिजत त्यांना ऐकत होतो.  डिजिटल नसल्यामुळे ध्वनी वर्धक सुरू होते ( होय,  आताची यंत्रणा पावसात चालणार नाही ). तिथे पुढारी, त्याचा मेंदू वगैरे त्यांचा वग, या गोष्टी ते कसे बोलले ते लिहीणे अशक्य आहे, 30 वर्षांनंतर देखील. रावसाहेबांच्या शिव्या जसे पु. ल. लिहू शकले नव्हते, तसेच.

त्यांचे ‘ विंचु चावला ‘ हे भारूड मला सर्वात प्रिय, संत एकनाथांचे. ती खालच्या आळीतली गंगी,  रंगी , तो अभ्यंकर, भयंकर वगैरे संदर्भ मला खूप, खूप आवडतात, ऐतिहासिक सदाशिव पेठेपेक्षा वाई शहराशी जोडलेले सांस्कृतिक संदर्भ मला जास्त प्रिय आहेत.

माझे टॅग केलेले विद्यार्थी ( इतर सर्व, वाचक इ. ) या सर्वांना शाहीर किती अपील होतील, किती जण या पोस्टवर व्यक्त होतील हे सांगता येत नाही.

या पोस्टचे निमित्त म्हणजे हॉटस्टार वाले नुकतेच सिनेमा निर्मितीत उतरले ( मिंट वरील लेखावर आधारित अभिप्राय ), त्यांचा सिनेमा ‘छप्पड फाड के’. पापभिरू मराठी कुटुंब गुपचुप, त्यांना अचानक घबाड मिळते, नि:श्चलनीकरणाच्या वातावरणात. माणसाच्या, हाडापासून मांसात भिनलेल्या हाव, स्वार्थ यांचे सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रतिक म्हणून त्यांना शाहीरांचे भारूड पार्श्वभूमीवर घ्यावेसे वाटले. ( खाली वीडियो )

असे शतकभर टिकून राहाणारी चिरंतन कलाकृती माझ्या कलाकार विद्यार्थ्यांकडून निर्माण व्हावी ही प्रार्थना करावीशी वाटते.

प्रा. राजेंद्र शिंदे, कोथरूड, पुणे.
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Quotation of Bertolt Brecht in the beginning of the movie Chhappad Phad Ke
Scorpion has bitten me, what shall I do. Greed has destroyed me, what shall I do? Sant Eknath by Shahir Sable in movie ‘Chhappad Phad Ke’

Kiva Shack Poolside Resort

Night View
Far away from madding crowd
Peaceful Surrounding
Comfortable Stay
Always available Poolside
Sprawling Cafeteria
Royal space
Ensconced in nature
Surrounded by greenery
Constant renovation

Travel is the only resolution to stupid stress. It rejuvenates the spirit and enlivens the mind. I have been in Alibag since two days. In other recent post I spoke about Pandurang as protagonist whose self made empire will last unlike Siddhi Johar whose Janjira Fort is dying due to communal issues in India.

I have stayed in this magnificent Kiva Shack Poolside Resort. It’s located at few kilometres from Alibag via Pen ( pronounced Pain ). Mr Altamash Sayyad is polite owner who takes proper care of your stay.

Rooms are decent and you are not disturbed by false room service. You are happy in your room. His canteen is sprawling and is supported by excellent cook and service staff. You don’t feel like you are lost in many amenities. It’s just what is most essential. Polite service and absolute attention. He is quite attentive and you are not given in useless hands of false reception staff like in other places.

There is a beautiful pool opposite the main building. The Nagaon beach is just a few feet away. You can visit Revdanda Fort, Murud Janjira Fort each day and return to Pune which requires normally three hours if mad traffic of returning Puneites don’t hold you.

Tea Coffee Ukadiche Modak on Banana leaves, easy for appetite typical Indian dishes. No confusion of continental and Chinese. I liked the taste. It’s superb. Most importantly owner does not allow hooligans to disturb your peace and privacy.

I recommend Kiva Resort as the best place to stay away from home as if you are at home.

Pandurang Tambadikar: a strong Aagari Protagonist

A self made man
Samarth Stores more trustworthy than Amazon
A common man’s self built home is greater than a Taaj Mahal
This Old Man by our own Sea has faced much adverse conditions
Westernised ready home owners can’t understand grace of self built home
My Story, his story, our story
A Mansion by the French Fort Saatkhani Buruj ( Revdanda Fort near Alibag)
Great meeting a hero in a common man
More trustworthy grocer than Amazon
Seven storey Rd Fort
Dilapidated Glory
Indian Archives in Archives, no work at all
In Flock we are safe
An evening in Murud
Most tragic neglect of Janjira Fort by Archives and lack of communal harmony
Inscription in main Arch upper part
Window at great height
Siddi built in 11th C , his Royal Signature
Will someone translate this Arabic ? Real Glory of Indian Past
A Durgah at entrance
An unknown seer built Durgah for communal harmony
Ruins of Royal past from 11th C
It’s in India so this kind of neglect only because of King hailing from a particular community , actually no relation at all with present successors of any community in India
Agonising irony of neglect of real heritage
One can imagine the great Royal structure that must have been

I met this hero called Pandurang in recent trip to Konkan. Aagri valorous men supported Shivaji the great. A man with true self respect will never tolerate humiliation and stay in community or religious bindings, he will always create a world of his own.

He came to pick up a chocolate from a jar in Samarth Grocer Shop in coastal Konkan village called Revdanda and his Police Patil son told me it’s he who built this beautiful small property. I asked him and a novel opened before my eyes.

Just once his father said he was useless for family ( whereas he was working hard ) he left home and built his own home. He was helped by friends and he returned all their favours. I was extremely happy to meet Pandurang.

Yesterday I visited Murud Janjira. I have given titles to photos which speak enough about what I feel about this most wonderful place in India. Tagore said let his country awake in freedom where head is held high but whose head is main issue in today’s India. India is divided in sects and sections. Only because Siddi was from a particular community this marvellous work of architecture is most neglected. This must be picked up and kept in Europe to be taken proper care.

The fate of Siddi is shared well with common heroes like Pandurang. His empire vanished but this will not because he has able son and fortunately carry it on.

A Journey through PM’s, Farmers, Twice Born Brother & a Writer Friend

A waist band as a token of longevity, celebrating a child in man

Meenakshi Mukherjee called her book ‘Twice Born Fiction’. Her husband Sujeet Mukherjee founded the English Department of Pune University (SPPU) or that he was the first head. Vinay Hardikar whose article in Diwali Magazine ‘Sadhana’ , ‘Indian Prime Ministers, a Perspective’ which has prompted me to write this blog took his M.A. around a decade before me from that department and that’s where I met him first.

He looked upon me as a boy from sugar cane rich farmers’ land, western Maharashtra and thought that I represent them but my father, a language teacher sold fertile land ( or rather he had to sell due to a family feud ) while I was doing my M.A. in Pune.

I taught in a place which was a culturally happening town which invited eminent speakers in Vasant Vykhyan Mala or in the Tilak Library there. There was also an old Sanskrit Research School called Pragya Path Shala whose President Prof M.P. Rege was a renowned philosopher. Vinay was his friend. I used to frequent there where I met Vinay once again. I remember Rege Sir saying to him ( when he introduced me to him as his friend) that my name should have rather been Vinay ( connotating modesty ). He stayed at my home. We went on my bullet to a green spot on river Krishna Bank where he said to me that it was indeed like Wordsworth’s England.

We haven’t met since then. Like Raosaheb ( of P L ) didn’t have fortune to have filial ties and so he spent time with writers, artistes I too ‘chose’ to sacrifice filial ties and also my job in that hoary town, fee years ago. I declined to receive Vinay’s call when he was there for a speech.

Thus, I don’t have a sister to felicitate me on Bhau Beej but I was specially invited today by one of Vinay’s Farmers’ Agitation organisation activist’s daughter in remote rural Maharashtra ( not certainly rich Western Maharashtra but rather under developed but culturally rich counterpart of my state).

When I entered her home I spotted this ‘Sadhana’ issue and in contents I found Vinay’s article on all Indian Prime Ministers ( except the current one. Like Reverie of Poor Susan… of Wordsworth again…..he says he was awakened from his reverie at the end of the article in 2014, the year in which present PM took over ).

I told my sister ( who adapted me to be her brother from today ) to allow me to read it first before she felicitated me on Bhau Beej. I call myself as a ‘Twice Born brother’ because I sacrificed all fake relations and developed new ones, this sister among those. I’m actually twice born in every respect. I finished reading. She felicitated me, gave me that waist band as a token of longevity and as per the custom of the region, a man is an immortal child. The child is indeed father of the man.

He starts his article with an anecdote from his childhood when his sister was preparing for examination and was reading a passage on Nehru’s visit to Japan in which he promised to gift an elephant to children there. In his tongue in cheek style Vinay questions what the children in Japan were going to do with the elephant. He speaks of all PMs from Nehru to Manmohan Singh in his sweet sarcastic manner and while doing it he has taken a review of his ‘Shetkari Sanghatna’.

What I loved most is his love for Narsimha Rao for his love for language and culture. He tells us that Rao studued in Fergusson College, he marvelled everyone in the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in Karad by his scholarly speech in Marathi, he translated Hari Narayan Apte’s novel ‘Pan Lakshat Kon Gheto’ ( Who the heck cares ) and how he was neglected both by the North and the South.

My Diwali and Bhau Beej were celebrated in a true sense by vicariously spending quality literary time with my friend.

Thank you Vinay. 😊

अज्ञात लेखकास उद्देशून

राष्ट्रपती सुवर्ण पदक विजेता पहिला भारतीय चित्रपट

श्यामच्या आईचं आज काय करायचं…….?

यशोदा सदाशिव साने
मृत्यू २ नोव्हेंबर १९१७ (सदर लेख अज्ञात नावाने लिहून एका लेखकाने whatsapp वर प्रसिद्ध केला आहे. त्याचा संपादित अंश आणि माझी प्रतिक्रिया मी फेसबुक वर प्रसिद्ध करीत आहे. त्या ‘अज्ञात’ लेखकापर्यंत पोचविण्यासाठी. )

  • कोकणातील एका गरीब कुटुंबातील महिला

ही महिला राज्याच्या मंत्रिमंडळात नव्हती, एखाद्या मंत्र्यांची आई नव्हती किंवा एखाद्या राजघराण्यातलीसुद्धा नव्हती.कोकणातल्या एका सामान्य कर्जबाजारी गरीब कुटुंबातील महिलेला महाराष्ट्राने ईतकी वर्ष लक्षात ठेवावे. तिचा साधा फोटो ही उपलब्ध नसताना तिला पुजावे हे विलक्षण आहे.गुरुजींची आई कोकणातल्या एका खेड्यात जन्मली आणि तिथेच संपून गेलेली. नवरा, सासू, सासरे, मुले, आजारपण याच विश्वात राहणारी. तरी पण महाराष्ट्राच्या भावविश्वात तीचं स्थान काय म्हणून कायम आहे? वसंत बापट यांनी साने गुरुजींच्या एका नातेवाईकाला मोठ्या उत्सुकतेने विचारले होते की कशी होती हो गुरुजींची आई? तेव्हा तुसडेपणाने ते म्हणाले की अहो काही विशेष नव्हती. चार चौघीसारखी दिसायची.काही वेगळी नव्हती.

यावर वसंत बापट लिहितात की सामान्य असण्यातील हेच तिचे असामान्यत्व आहे.

मला ‘शिक्षण विषयाच्या या लेखमालेत म्हणून गुरुजींच्या आईवर का लिहावेसे वाटते? महात्मा गांधी म्हणत की ‘आई हे मुलाचे पहिले विद्यापीठ आहे’.या वाक्याच्या प्रकाशात गुरुजींची आई हीच एक शाळा आहे. शाळेत मूल असते ६ तास आणि उरलेले १८ तास घरात असते. त्याच्या आयुष्यात शाळा खूप उशिरा येते. सुरवातीची महत्वाची वर्षे या आईच्या विद्यापीठातच तर जातात. तेव्हा शाळा जीवनात काय करते याचे मूल्यमापन करताना आई नावाच्या शाळेत मूल काय शिकते आणि त्यापेक्षा काय शिकायला पाहिजे? हे या स्मृती शताब्दीच्या दिवशी आपण विचार करू या…

सोप्या सोप्या प्रसंगातून ती जे तत्वज्ञान सांगते ते किती विलक्षण आहे. श्याम डोक्यावरचे केस वाढवतो. वडील रागावतात.तेव्हा श्याम वैतागून म्हणतो, “आई केसात कसला गं आलाय धर्म” तेव्हा ती म्हणते, “तुला केस राखायचा मोह झाला ना. मोह टाळणे म्हणजे धर्म!” इतकी सोपी धर्माची व्याख्या क्वचितच कोणी सांगितली असेल. किंवा लाडघरच्या समुद्रात ती समुद्राला पैसे वाहते. तेव्हा श्याम म्हणतो की ज्याच्या पोटात रत्न आहेत त्याला पैसे कशाला? तेव्हा ती म्हणते की सूर्याला ही आपण काडवातींनी ओवाळतोच ना? प्रश्न त्या कृतज्ञतेचा आहे.

मला तिचे मुलाला केवळ उपदेश न करता ती हे संवादी राहणे विलक्षण हलवून टाकते. मूल जे विचारील त्याला ती प्रतिसाद देते आणि तिच्या समजुतीनुसार ती समजून सांगत राहते. आजच्या नव्या पिढीच्या मातांसाठी श्यामची आई मला म्हणूनच महत्वाची वाटते. आज एकतर मुलांशी बोललेच जात नाही व जे बोलले जाते ते मुलाच्या करियर च्या भाषेत आणि मुलाला त्याचे दोष सतत सांगत. पण श्यामने इतक्या गंभीर चुका करून ही ती सतत करुणेने ओथंबली आहे. आज हा संवाद आणि मुलांशी त्याच्या पातळीवर जाऊन व्यक्त करणेच कमी झाले आहे. असलाच तर ‘श्यामच्या आई’ चा हा धागा महत्वाचा आहे.

आजच्या पिढीच्या मातांसाठी श्यामच्या आईचे आज औचित्य काय आहे?

आजच्या सुशिक्षित कुटुंबातील श्यामच्या आईकडून हे शिकायला हवे.

लेखक अज्ञात

असे लोक अज्ञात राहून का लिहितात ते समजत नाही.

बरं, श्याम तसा होता म्हणून त्याची आई इतकी मोठी ठरली. त्याची भूमिका केलेले माधव वझे यांनी कालच लोकसत्ता मधे सगळ्या लोकांपेक्षा वेगळी धाडशी भूमिका त्यांनी पुरुषोत्तम च्या पुरस्कार न देण्याच्या निर्णयाचे स्वागत केले. येट्स सारखा कवि, रशियन साहित्य वगैरे वाचून गुरुजी घडले. येट्स च्या Lake Isle of Innisfree वरून गुरुजींची ‘वेडी मुले’ ही कविता त्यांना स्फुरली असावी असे मी वाचले आहे. प्रामुख्याने ‘श्यामची आई’ या पुस्तका च्या लोकप्रियतेला आणि श्यामच्या आईला अत्रेंनी काढलेल्या सिनेमा मुळे मोठी मदत झाली असे मला नम्रपणे नमूद करावेसे वाटते.

खास करून, अत्रेंचा ज्यांच्याशी स्नेह होता त्या सहाय्यक शिक्षिका वनमाला सावंत यांनी सादर केलेल्या उत्कृष्ट भूमिकेमुळे श्याम ची आई लोकांच्या समोर प्रभावी पद्धतीने आणली गेली हे वास्तव सदर अज्ञात लेखक सोयीने विसरला आहे असे दिसते. ही चर्चा करताना, माझ्या एका सिनेमा क्षेत्रातील भावाने ‘छडी लागे छम छम’ चा लगेच उल्लेख केला. तसेच माझी आवडती स्व. कमल आत्या (त्याची आई) ‘द्रौपदी चे बंधू शोभे नारायण’ हे गाणे छान गात असे हे सांगितले.

ज्या ओंकारेश्वराच्या मंदिरात ते दोघे (अत्रे आणि वनमाला बाई) भेटायचे त्या मंदिराजवळून जाताना मला (जसे Wordsworth च्या कल्पना चक्षूंना Rainbow नेहमी दिसत राहिले त्या प्रमाणे) ते दोघे जण नेहमी दिसतात. नदी काठावरील शनिवार वाड्याकडे जाणारा रस्त्यावर हे मंदीर आहे.

ही वरील पोस्ट मी गेल्या आठवड्यात प्रसिद्ध केली. तीवर माझे दोन प्रा स्नेही डॉ प्रताप पाटील (मूळ मराठवाडा सध्या कोल्हापूर) आणि डॉ रमाकांत कस्तुरे (मराठवाडा) यांनी प्रतिक्रिया दिल्या. नंतर मी पोस्ट काढून टाकली. डॉ प्रताप यांना मी फोनवर बोलेन असे लिहिले. डॉ रमाकांत यांची सविस्तर प्रतिक्रिया आत्ता वाचली. त्यांना लिहिलेले उत्तर प्रसिद्ध करता येईना. त्यांचा आक्षेप मला पटला म्हणून मी पोस्ट मधे अनुरूप बदल केला आहे. मला वाटते आता त्यांना काही आक्षेप नसावा. स्पष्ट मत आणि ते देखील उघड पणे लिहून व्यक्त करण्यातच खरी वैचारिक मैत्री सिद्ध होते. माझ्या पाश्चिम महाराष्ट्रातील अनेकांकडून मी अशी अपेक्षा करत राहिलो पण मला फारसे यश आले नाही.

आयुष्य मी पश्चिम महाराष्ट्रात काढले पण दूर कळमनुरी गावी, मराठवाड्यात मला असा मित्र लाभला हे माझे भाग्य.

: डॉ आर वाय शिंदे, कोथरूड, पुणे. 22.9.22

Enterprise better than job

This is the primary woe among others i spoke about upholding enterprise over job ..One month before retirement IPS officer faces dismissal ..Now he will fight long battle even for his pension. Nobody will keep friends with him, everyone will treat him like untouchable .

That 68 years old Dandekar who runs hotel, his son too was in job but left, now a CA serving proudly in hotel

आदी शंकराचार्य

या लेखात मुंडण आणि शिखा यावर लिहिताना लेखक आदी शंकराचार्य यांच्या श्रेष्ठत्वाबाबत सांगतात की एका बाजूला त्यांनी बुद्ध साधू तर दुसऱ्या बाजूला वैदिक विधी करणाऱ्या अशा दोघांशी लढा दिला. डोक्यावर केस असणे पवित्र मानणाऱ्या काळात शिखा धारण केली. खूप महान माणूस होऊन गेला.